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Palace offers custom fields which allow you to set up fields to collect information which is not normally collected in Palace. The most common example is for extra property features. However for Holiday Rentals, they can be used to set up a booking form to collect all the information that you require, like sundry charges. i.e Linen hire.


Setting up Custom Fields:

  • Go to File - System Setup - Enter in the system password (This is not your Palace log in)
  • Click on ... next to Custom Fields - Tenant

  • In each box type the description you need i.e Linen
  • Then in the small field next to it, choose what type of data you require - you can choose from
  • List: Allows you to set compile a list of choices
  • Date: sets the format into a date format - you will be able to only enter a date
  • Text: Allows you to enter text
  • Yes/No: You will only be able to select a yes or no answer. So ideal for a closed question.

  • If you have selected list, then click on the ... and enter in the choices you want in your list i.e Bedding only $30, save, then bedding with linen $50 etc keep going until list is complete.
  • When complete, click on save.

These custom fields are now accessible from every tenant using the custom fields button.


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