How to pay out the holiday owners and Generate the holiday owner statements

You can pay out the owner at any time once the booking is complete . Remember to enter all your expenses etc before paying out the Owner. Always generate the statement first.

  • Click on Control (Top tool bar)
  • Select Holidays / short stay

  • Using the filter (right hand side at the top) Select the date range that you want to cover. From the start of the property till now
  • This list will now show all the holiday bookings that end within that date range.
  • Tick them all (or select the ones that you want)
  • NOTE: Each property will only appear once regardless of how many bookings are against it, all money is totalled together.
  • Click on Generate Statements >
  • Palace will automatically print an office copy. (The ones showing are the Owners copy only)
  • Make sure the correct print is showing and click OK
  • Check the statements carefully before paying out to make sure they are showing correctly


Generating the Owner Payments:

This will pay out the holiday owners

  • Click on Control then Holiday's/Short Stay
  • Click on Generate Payments >
  • A pop up box will appear, if you are paying anyone by cheque, enter in the cheque number
  • Click OK
  • The payments that are due will show on the screen - Click on the printer (Top right hand side). Print this report (Unprocessed Transactions)
  • Click on process
  • Click on online - (This is for the owners that get paid by direct credit)
  • Click on Printer (Top right hand side) Print this report (Direct Credit Schedule)
  • Click on Generate (save the file to where you can easily find it) Close out.

Note: Now go to the Bank to Import the File


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