How to load an invoice against an owner

Sometimes there has been damage caused during a holiday booking and you have had to call in a Tradesman to get it fixed. The cost of this would normally come out of the security deposit, or you can send the tenant an invoice.

The money is loaded against the Owner and a tenant debit (invoice) is created, this is then paid using the deposit money. In order for the invoice to show on the Holiday statement relevant to the holiday booking it belongs to, you must date the invoice within the date range of the booking.

For this example, I will not be using a work order but if you would like to know more about this process please see the Maintenance Help file)

Example: During the holiday booking for Donald Duck, there were spills to the carpet, it has been agreed that the carpet will be cleaned and the cost will come out of his security deposit.

  • Click on Transactions - Click on the drop down menu

  • Select Invoice Creditor - Click on >
  • Select the Owner/Property from the drop down box
  • Enter the date: Date MUST be within the date of the holiday booking
  • Select the creditor from the list
  • Enter in the amount of the invoice e.g $260.00
  • Note: If this Owner has been set up with a maintenance fee, this amount will automatically be added on). You can delete it, if you don't want to charge a fee.
  • Enter in the Invoice Number
  • Add comment if required
  • Click OK
  • Click process - This will take the money off the owner and send to through to the creditor to be held until you pay the creditor.

Now you need to take the money out of the security bond from the tenant and receipt to the owner. There are a few transactions for this - See Refund Bond Other (just above this section) for taking the money from the security bond.


Receipting the money into the Owner:

You must have done the transaction "Refund Bond Other" first

  • In Transactions on the left hand side - click on the drop down arrow

  • Select Receipt Owner - Click >
  • Check the date
  • Select the Owner/Property
  • Enter in the amount
  • Enter in the comments - i.e Tenant reimbursing for damages
  • Click OK
  • Click process when in the transaction screen.
  • You have now reimbursed the Owner the money for the invoice (damages) that was caused by the tenant)



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