What holiday reports are available?

Currently there are 3 reports available under the Property Reports section.

1) Property Holiday Booking

2) Property Holiday Deposits Due

3) Property Sundries Held

You can also make custom reports. We have created a booking sheet that you can use or create your own


Holiday Booking Report:

This report will give you a list of all the bookings for each property.

NOTE: The reports shows the property address, list of any booking dates and name of person booked

  • Click on Property Reports (Left hand side menu)
  • Click on Holiday Booking
  • Filter by agent
  • Select the date range that you require
  • You have the choice of a basic report or one with details
  • Print or preview


Holiday Deposits Due Report:

This report is mainly based on rents received but also gives you a list of any sundries you have entered in. This information is picked up from the notes section in the Tenant Edit Screen

  • Click on Property Reports (Left hand side menu)

  • Click on Holiday - Deposits Due Report
  • This report shows the amount due and the amount collected so far (but does not take that off the Tenant Rent Due column.
  • Sundries are listed here so you can see what extra's were against this booking. It does not show what has been paid however, see the sundries held report for that.


Holiday -Sundries Held Report:

You can set up Bond Other Ledgers for each sundry that you collect. Bond ledgers will hold the money until you need it. This is for any charge to the tenant that is not paid to the Owner. See the Section on Bond Other.

This report shows any sundries that have been paid and are currently being held. This report feeds off the Bond Other ledgers that have been set up.

  • Click on Property Reports (Left Hand side menu)

  • Click on Holiday Sundries Held
  • This reports shows a list of sundries that have been entered against the tenant
  • The balance that shows it the remainder of the sundries, what is left to be paid. It does not show the original total
  • If all the money had been paid, the Sundries will still show on the report but with a zero balance.


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