How to insert a image into a template

If you have images stored against a property, you can insert those photos into custom designed flyers or window cards

You can also insert any images held outside of Palace into a document

Instructions - Inserting Images into Templates

Follow the instructions previously to set up your own new template

Once you have set up the template, put the cursor in the place where you want to insert the first photo

Click on Mailings and select " Insert Property Image Fields"

Select the merge image 1 (or any number) This refers to the order of the photos held in Palace

you will need to move them around a bit.

Once you have inserted one photo, just repeat the action for more photos

The secret to doing window cards in Palace and having the images not through out the text when you merge is right clicking on the images and selecting "Format Image" and using the "In front of" or "Behind" options. This turns the images into a "Floating Object" which means that when it merges it does not change any of the text.

Click the options you want, click save

If you want to insert a fixed image (e.g. logo) from an outside source - click on Insert then image, browse to your images, select and click OK

Once you have it all set up, close and save. This is now ready to be merged through the Property Diary - Correspondence.

We suggest you try it now to make sure it works

NOTE: Please note that currently this feature is not available as a mass mail merge file.


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