How to do a SMS merge (texting)

You can do a bulk merge by SMS (Texting) as well. This is ideal if sending out an Inspection Reminder or wanting to tell all your tenants a quick message.


Instructions - SMS Merge:

  • Click on Control - Documents (Mail Merge)
  • Click on the Template filter and choose the SMS template that you want
  • Click on the Filter - and choose SMS
  • A screen will show now with all the tenants and their phone numbers
  • You can select or unselect by clicking in the boxes next to the names,
  • Click on the "Merge File" Icon

  • The merge screen will now appear, make any changes that you want
  • Click on Merge, A pop up box will appear just telling you what is going to happen, click Yes
  • Once the merge is completed click Send

  • A screen will appear and list all the texts that were sent out and whether they were successful or not
  • Click Close
  • NOTE: There are 160 characters in one text, if you go over that number, the system will send two texts. This shows at the bottom of the SMS screen.


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