How to attach scanned invoices to transactions - Invoice Tab (Properties Diary)

In the Diary there is a button down the bottom called "Invoice" If you use any of the external scan options i.e Elaps or Fuji Xerox, your transactions and scanned invoices will automatically go into this area and match. However you can also use this facility manually as well.

You can attach your scanned invoices to actual transactions, this means once the Owner gets his statement, he will see the only the invoices relevant to the transactions on the statement.

It will also help you to know that you have attached the invoices with regards to each transaction as you have to find the transaction to match.

Enter in your transactions as normal e.g Invoice Creditor or Works orders - see the Maintenance Help File for more information if unsure.


Make sure you have scanned your invoices and put them on your desktop.

  • Go to the Property List and right click on the Property and choose Diary
  • Click on "Invoice"
  • Click on "Paperclip" find the Scanned Invoice and click on Open
  • Click on the Icon that has a green arrow on it. This will bring up a box with transactions
  • Select the transaction that this invoice belongs to and click OK
  • Then save
  • This invoice will now print or email out with the owners statement


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