How to send out an SMS (Texting)

SMS is the text messaging facility. The text is sent out through the diary and the reply returns to the diary. You can see the reply in the SMS Inbox at the top of most screens.

The SMS system is designed to use any one of several "SMS Servers" located on the internet to send the messages to cell phones.

The phone number that appears on the receiving cell phone is random and is always the number of the server that sent the message. The number cannot be called directly as it is an internet computer, and there is no way to change this number or stop it appearing on the cell phone. They can send a reply text though, and the reply is picked up and routed directly back to Palace, and into that tenant's diary.

When sending a text message, it is important to include in the message a phone number for the tenant to call if they have a query. You can add a merge field into an SMS template so that it is automatically inserted into each message sent.


Sending an SMS:

  • Go to the person and right click and select Diary
  • Click on SMS
  • Type in your message (the counter down the bottom will tell you how many characters and how many texts you are using)
  • You can select a group from the drop down box if relevant i.e If the text is about rent arrears, link it to the rent overdue group.
  • You can select a template from the drop down box if relevant (You can set up templates for the SMS, these are ideal for SMS texts that you send regularly i.e Your rent is overdue) see the Mailmerge Help File
  • Select from the selection box, the tenants that you want to send the SMS text to.

  • Double click on each tenant name and the tick box will select or you can highlight the tenant and tick the box
  • Make sure there is a mobile phone number in the Mobile phone field AND check that it starts with the country code with a prefix '+'.
  • Click on send - a pop up box will appear "Send SMS" Click on Yes
  • Then a SMS Sent message will appear, now you can close out.


Receiving An SMS:

When a SMS Text comes back into Palace, it will show on the SMS Inbox at the top of most Palace screens.

  • It has also saved directly into the relevant persons diary.
  • Go to the Inbox at the top of the Palace screen, it will show a number to show how many texts have been received
  • Inside the SMS Inbox you will see the text reply, highlight the text and the details will show in the Details box.
  • Click on Reply to reply to the text or you can select the text (tick box)
  • Click on the blue arrow (process)
  • A pop up box "Set selected SMS messages as "Read" ? Click on Yes
  • They will now disappear from the screen, but they are still in the relevant diary.


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