How to send an email

This is a Palace email. It is available from all your diary screens. The email is sent out directly from your email (SMTP) supplier

It does not show in your email sent box but will show in the Palace Diary. You can create an email signature - see the article on "setting up an agent"

You can put a correspondence template directly into the body of the email, which saves having to send an attachment.


Sending an Email from Palace:

  • Go to the diary for the relevant Owner, property or tenant (or in an Owner, Tenant or Creditor, you can just rightclick and go to email directly)
  • Click on Email (lefthand side menu)
  • If you have set up an agent signature - it will be automatically showing in the body of the email. If this does not show the correct agent ...

  • Click on the "From" drop down box and select the correct agent
  • The email address should be showing in the Email To area
  • If you want to copy someone in, you can put them in the BCC area (The owner or tenant will be available in the drop down)
  • Enter in the subject
  • If you want to attach a document - click on the "paperclip" icon
  • Type in your message OR
  • Drop down the correspondence drop down box and select a document from the list. You can make changes to it, in the body of the email
  • If relevant select a diary group i.e Rent Overdue if the email is related to rent arrears.
  • You can set a follow up date and this will show in your reminders
  • When finished click send.



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