Diary Groups

Palace's Diary Groups are designed to allow you to group diary entries together and to select tenant, property or owner records based on whether or not they have a diary entry belonging to a specific diary group.

Inspections Diary Group: Inspection diary entries hold information about the next inspection due for a specific property. Allocating these entries to the Inspections diary group allows the inspection Control panel and inspection reports to select only these entries.

Rent Overdue Diary Group: Any diary entries relating to tenants owing rent, if linked to the Diary group called Rent Owing, will be displayed in the landscape format of the Arrears report. This allows the report to show not only which tenants are overdue, but also what recent actions have been taken in this regard.

Statement or Invoice Diary Group for linking information to go with Owner Monthly Statements: If creditors invoices or any document that you want to send to an owner with their statements, are scanned into the Property diary of Palace, and allocated a diary group such as "Statements", then this diary group can be selected during the statements step in the month end wizard to get Palace to email and/or print the scanned images along with the statements.

Other groups you can set up. Chimney Sweep, Alarm Maintenance, Heat Pump Maintenance etc

For example: Properties that have a chimney that requires regular sweeping can be given a Reminder diary entry linked to a diary group called Chimney. The Property Report called Property - Diary Group report allows you to select only properties that have a specific diary group such as Chimney to be included in a report, along with other information.

You can also print a Diary Group report under Tenancy Reports, there is a specific one for Rent Reviews as well. 

Mail Merge to a group of tenants using Diary Groups: A group of tenants - perhaps in one apartment block - can be identified by creating a Reminder diary entry linked to a specific Diary Group. The tenant mail merge function offers a selection of tenants which have a diary entry with a specific diary group, and between a date range, if required. This allows you to select a group of tenants for mail merge.


To add a Diary Group:

  • Go to any diary entry in any diary and click on ... Next to the diary group
  • Click on Add
  • Type in the description of the diary group that you want to create
  • Click save and close - This is now available in every diary entry under the drop down for Groups


You can also print a Diary Group report under Tenants

NOTE: Some Palace systems have sample diary groups provided called "Email", "Correspondence", etc. These can be misleading - diary entries are created as an email, reminder, etc, and it is not necessary to allocate such a diary group to these entries unless you have a requirement to print a report showing all properties/tenants or owners that have had one of the diary groups.

Many diary entries have no requirement to belong to a specific diary group, it is not necessary to link all diary entries to any specific diary group.


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