How to set up properties to feed to Trade Me

The rst time you upload to Trade Me, there is an area to enter in your user name and password. This is the username and password for your actual Trade Me Company Account, this is not a Palace username and Password and you MUST have a Trade Me account.

Once you have done the set up, every time you tick or untick a property to appear on Trade Me it will happen automatically.

  • In the Publish Tab, tick the Trade Me eld
  • Click on Save
  • You will now be taken to a Trade Me login screen
  • Enter in your email and password
  • Click Log IN
  • Click "Allow" to give permission for Palace to access Trade Me
  • Then type in the "Verier Code" (Or copy and paste) into the box on the right and click continue. (This code shows on the top right

The transfer will now happen.

The set up is done you do not need to do that again.

Each time you click the Trade Me button in a property and click save, it will automatically upload to Trade Me. If you need to make a change to the property, and then you click save, it will automatically update that change. If you need to remove from Trade Me, untick the Trade Me tick in the Publish area and it will remove it from Trade Me.


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