How to preparing the web upload

Getting the Information ready to be uploaded:

On the lefthand side menu, click on Internet Transfer, then click Options, next to the web site you require. (Trade Me Does not upload from this area)

Look down the list and add any items that are missing.

  • To Add a suburb
  • Right click on property Click on Assign suburb
  • Highlight the suburb and click ok Continue until all completed
  • To add property details/features
  • Right click on required property
  • First click on Web Publish and make sure the information has been entered in
  • Save this
  • Then right click on property again and choose Web Publish yes
  • Continue until all complete

Custom Website (Your own company website)

The first time that this is set up, you can select the features that you wish to transfer from Palace up to your website. NOTE: This MUST be done in discussion with your website developer.

Click on Custom.

Highlight the feature you want and then click on > and this will take it across to the Internet Property Features side. Use the big arrows at the side to sort out the order that you want these features to appear. Click close when complete.


Doing the Web Transfer:

You can transfer up to each website separately or you can transfer them all at once. To transfer individually, click on the "transfer" button next to the relevant website.

To transfer to all websites click on "transfer all" at the bottom of the screen. A pop up box asks you to conrm the upload.

If you answer Yes Then Palace will transfer to all websites.

Note: From time to time or Trade me will send through updated list of suburbs, when this happens you will see a highlighted comment arrive at the bottom of the screen telling you that updates are available. Click on download and it will update for you.


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