How do I set up the Email Inbox Feature?

 Email Inbox


Palace now has the capacity to not only send emails but to receive them as well. Any email sent out of Palace will reply back to Palace. They will be showing in the inbox at the top of the screen but also will save directly into the diary. This is only the first version, there are limitations and they will be addressed in following updates

Things to be aware of:


  • Email authorities work the same as the permissions for Reminders i.e if you can see someone else reminders you will also see their emails. This will be a separate setting in a future version 
  • Note: SMS replies now also work on permissions.
  • The Email will only come back into Palace not into your email client i.e Outlook. Only Palace Live Clients have the ability to forward their emails to other email inbox's.
  • You can reply from the Inbox, but to see an attachment or to forward the email you must do it from within the diary. This will also be changed 
Instructions - Setting up for the Inbox


  1. First you must set up a domain name
  2. Click on File - System Setup - Email/Device set up

  3. Enter in a domain name - Please do not use anything generic. i.e rentals or enquires or your own name. Use your company name if possible but not Harcourts, Ray White etc as they are generic.
    For example: 
    if you were called "Great Views Property Management", you could enter "GreatViews"
  4. Click on the Green Tick
  5. This will send the request to Realbase, you will receive an email when it is all set up
  6. Now you can receive emails.


NOTE:  The emails will show in the Inbox that shows up the tops of all lists, i.e Owner List

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