Version 6.10

Version Update 6.10


Quite often you collect money from the tenant and receipt it into a Ledger for holding until the Invoice arrives. Then you need to take the money out of the ledger and assign it back to the owner. We now have a very easy function for doing that. We also have a function for allowing you to assign money that has been receipted in to Receipt Tenant Other and sent to the Owner but never linked to an Invoice, now you can link those funds even though they have already been paid out.

Re-Assigning Ledger Payments to Invoices to Reimburse Owners. Full explanation...


  • Fix: The tick for Publish Address was not working correctly on TradeMe. Now rectified.
  • Fix: Spelling mistakes were not being saved if they were altered from a right-click to correct spelling. Now rectified.
  • Fix: Reversed Invoices were not being taken into account when 'Generating Creditor Payments'. Now rectified.
  • Fix: Mail Merge - Filter was using the Primary Agent instead of the Agent specified on the filter. Now rectified.
  • Fix: Re-printing 'Owner Remittance' may not have 'Original Data' if the 'Transaction' was updated.
  • Fix: Transaction - Receipt Tenant Other ('Commission' checkbox should NOT 'Persist' on future 'Transactions'). Now rectified.
  • Fix: Diary - Creditor Invoice Entry (Extend 'Ref No.' field 'MaxLength' from 10 to 50 characters)
  • Fix: Mail Merge - Images (Images do NOT merge in bulk 'Mail Merge'). Now rectified.
  • Fix: Email - Reply To All (Does not work correctly). Now rectified.
  • Fix: Works Order / Transaction - Processing (Error processing 'Works Orders' to 'Transactions' due to 'Field Size' differences). Now rectified.
  • Fix: Strict Audit - Process catches 'Balance Overdrawn' exception but still shows 'Processed Successfully'. Now rectified.
  • Fix: Report - Inspection ('Out Of Memory' Exception occurs when too many photos taken using mobile app). Now rectified.
  • Fix: Report - Reminders (Causes en error when 'System' messages are checked). Now rectified.
  • Fix: Report - Receipt Tenant Other (Comments do not show on any receipts that have been edited during 'Generate AP' process). Now rectified.
  • Fix: Report - Owner Year End Statements (Defaults to 'NZ Financial Year End Dates' for Australia). Now rectified.
  • Fix: Report - Tenancy Details ('Monthly Rent Rate' not showing 'Arrears' correctly). Now rectified.
  • New: Works Order - You can now add/edit/remove alerts from the works order screen.
  • New: Owner - GST (Add 'GST Exempt' checkbox for an 'Owner' to exclude all GST to 'Fees' on all 'Transactions')
  • Update: DSS API - Batch Scanning updated.
  • Update: Month End Wizard / Setup - Australian Terminology
  • Update: Bank Account - NZ Formatting now consistent across all NZ Banks 00-0000-0000000-00.
  • Report: Update - Bond Ledger Report ('NSW Fair Trading' compliance)
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