FTP (With PSV Flat File) - Advertising Properties

FTP (With PSV Flat File) - Advertising Properties

NOTE: Please be aware that although we provide this FTP file for legacy purposes it is recommended that you use our new Web Service API feeds for new projects.

Palace offers the ability to transfer a feed via FTP to any standard FTP site in the form of a 'Pipe Separated' '|' Text file and JPG's.  

NOTE: Please see attached file at the bottom of the article for technical specifications. 

Once an FTP Site has setup please follow the instructions below to connect the feed to the FTP Site.

From the 'Main Menu' of Palace, Click 'Internet Transfer'.
Click 'Add' then fill in the details for the FTP site (Please get this information from your website provider). NOTE: Format should always be 'FTP (Text)' unless otherwise stated.

Account Name - Can be set to anything and is only used internally identify the account in the FTP / POST Accounts list.

  • Username - FTP Username as supplied by Host Provider
  • Password - FTP Password as supplied by Host Provider
  • Address - FTP Address as supplied by Host Provider (NOTE: Do NOT specify ftp URL prefix (e.g. ftp://))
  • Initial Path - Unless otherwise specified by Host Provider always use '/'
  • Port - FTP Standard port is always '21' unless a Host Provider has specifically assigned another port.
  • Checkbox - Agent (Includes an extra text file with 'Agent' information.  Cross reference requires '-WP Agent Code')
  • Checkbox - Zip (Uses standard ZIP compression to zip all the files into one file) (NOTE: Host Provider must allow for 'UNZIP' once file is uploaded)
  • Checkbox - Owners / Creditors / Tenants (REAXML Only).  Only used for REAXML Format.  Contact Realbase for further information.

POST Options Section (Currently only used in conjunction with H1 (Harcourts))

The 'Custom' Button on the 'Internet Transfer' From next to 'Settings' allows for extra 'Custom Fields' to be added on the end of the file to be transferred.

The 'Standard Property Features' on the LEFT side indicate the fields that are available to add to your current file. The 'Standard Property Features' on the RIGHT side indicate the fields that will be included in your file.  Use the centre Left / Right arrows to move the features between lists.  Use the Large Up / Down' arrows to change the order the fields will appear in your file. 

NOTE: Add '-WP Agent Code' to the RIGHT list if you are adding the 'Agents' option in the 'Settings' form.

Use the 'Options' button on the 'Internet Transfer' From to setup suburbs (real estate) and publish information.

Please see attached documents for our PSV specifications.



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