How can I use the Palace Inspection app for video inspections?


How can I use the Palace Inspection app for video inspections?



Instructions - To set up a YouTube Account/and a new Channel


  • Go to YouTube and click on Sign in (Top Right hand side of the page)
  • Then click on "Create an Account"   (UNLESS you already have one)
  • Follow the prompts through
  • If you already have a log in then enter in your details
  • Click on the Cog YouTube Settings (Top Right hand corner)
  • Click on "See all my channels or create a new channel"
  • Click on "Create a new channel"
  • Name your channel i.e Property Inspections, then choose Local Business or Place
  • Tick I agree to the Pages Terms and click Finished
  • You can click on Add Channel Art and put a picture there if you wish or your logo
  • Move the mouse to the underneath of that box to the right and a pen will appear, click on it to Edit
  • Click on Channel Settings
  • Fill in the information i.e Country
  • Channel Keywords i.e Inspections
  • Do not let your channel appear in other channels recommendations - Save


On the Inspection App -

  • Click into Settings, then click Log in to You Tube
  • Enter in your details and click sign in
  • A new page will appear click on Accept
  • Now you can take a video
  • Once you have finished the video, you can upload as normal and it is now back in Palace.
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