Social Housing and Affordable Housing (General Configuration)

This article covers the initial setup so that you can use Palace to record Social Housing data for both New Zealand and Australia.


System Settings:

  • Navigate to the System > Settings page in your system
  • Under the Management Tab (Property Sub-section), switch the Social Housing toggle to YES and save your changes.



List Defaults:

  • Enabling the Social Housing toggle will trigger a few things within the system. The first thing to cover is the new list defaults.
  • Navigate to the System > List Defaults
  • Here you will see 3 lists, 1 for Properties and 2 for tenants/additional tenants.
    - Social Housing - Properties
    - Social Housing - Tenancy (Housing Details)
    - Social Housing - Tenant (Person Details)
  • Each list contains a set of various labels/questions with pre-set answers specific to a property, tenant and additional tenant.
  • For each list, you will have the choice to decide which questions you want to be displayed within a property or tenant screen. You can do this by setting the relevant ''active'' toggle to YES.
  • Going one step further, if this is a question that is crucial to contain an answer, you can also mark it as a required question by setting the relevant ''required'' toggle to YES
  • Once you have completed marking questions as ''active'' and ''required'' for a list, make sure you click on 'Save Changes' to store your selection before moving on to the next list.
    NOTE: Questions and answers differ between Australia and New Zealand 


  • Now that we have configured our questions and required fields, navigate to a property to access the 'Edit' page.
  • Here you will see a shortcut called 'Dwelling Details'
  • Click on the shortcut to showcase the Dwelling details window. This will contain all the questions you have marked as ''Active'' from the List defaults area. 
  • Visually, you can easily identify which fields are required as they will have an asterisk next to the label name.
    NOTE: A user will be prompted to fill in any required fields that are blank when attempting to save changes.


  • For our tenants, we have two shortcuts available. Within the main Head Tenant screen, you will see the shortcuts; Housing Details | Person Details.
  • Much like our property, these two windows will display the questions that you have marked as active from the ''List Defaults'' area and will give the same behaviour with our ''required'' fields.
  • The 'Person Details' link is available in both the Head Tenant Edit screen as well as the additional tenant screen
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