I have an Agent Leaving what steps should I take?



1.Login as the user and import any inspections that may be sitting awaiting to be uploaded into palace.
2.Change the Agent's password in the Agents area to a new one that cannot be guessed easily. Also click the Agent record and choose Authentication iLink Reset.(this is to reset the agents Inspection App Login Details)
2. Consider changing the system password as well if the person may have known it. Also consider changing all user's passwords. 
3. If a new person is taking over the whole portfolio, set up the new Agent record (with commission percentages if needed), then use Tools - Options Advanced - Change Agent All to switch the old person's records to the new person. Archive the old Agent record (right click on the agent record - archive). 
4. Do another Internet Transfer to update web sites. Properties being advertised on web sites will then have the new person's details for the contact person.
4. If using Palace Live, log in to the Palace Live user (PLxxxnn) and click on the Change Password link to alter the password. If you do not know this password, ask the Palace team to arrange to reset this password for you.
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