I have a Property Manager Leaving what steps should I take?

The steps below will help you finish the records of a Property Manager that is leaving or has left already.  Sometimes a user leaves or has to leave quickly and there are steps you can take immediately 

We at Palace can unlink their access but there are steps you can take

  • Change the password to their email address (their company one) and then use the "Forgot password" (Palace log in screen) to send that email address a reset Palace password email - You can get that email in their company email account, use the link to change the Palace password.\
  • Note: Make sure all their inspections have been uploaded from their phone first.
  • Note: The pink Palace Liquid app is attached to the same email and password as Palace so by doing the steps above, you will also be locking them out of their app as well.
  • Note: If they are using an older inspection app, upload any inspections, notify us and we can remove their access.

Then in Palace

  • In the user area, remove their email address and click save and close. (This is important if the staff member has already left)
  • Move the Users Portfolio to another user: (you can either move the whole portfolio to one person or you can choose properties to move to various people. This is found under System, Settings and in the Tools tab. (There is a help file on this)
  • Once everything is moved, go to the user record and put in an date finished, then save and close
  • Click on the drop-down arrow next to the Edit button and chose Archive User.
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