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Palace provides various features for social and affordable housing needs. Before getting started, customize settings to match your requirements. This article helps record social housing data in New Zealand and Australia.

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About agencies

In Palace, the social housing section is referred to as "Agency." It provides robust tools for capturing tenant, property, and agency data, ensuring seamless integration and connectivity between these entities. Each entity type is supported by a dedicated menu list that can be customized to meet specific business needs, promoting efficient data management and organization tailored to social housing requirements.

Activate the agency feature

The social housing feature is disabled by default and must be enabled manually. This area is permission-based. If you cannot access the settings area, ask your manager or administrator for assistance.

  • Go To System > Settings
  • Click on the Management tab
  • Under the Property heading, click on the Social Housing toggle to change it from no to yes


  • Click Save changes

Note: A pop-up message will appear after a few seconds. After refreshing your Palace tab there will be a new Agency drop-down option on the left-hand side menu and a shortcut in the blue ribbon across the top of the screen.

List defaults

This area is permission-based. If you can't access settings, please ask your manager or administrator for help.

  • Go to System > List defaults
  • You will see a number of different lists available for properties, head tenants, additional tenants, and agencies
    • Social Housing - Properties
    • Social Housing - Tenancy (Housing Details)
    • Social Housing - Tenant (Person Details)
    • Agencies - Agency Types
    • Agencies - Service Types
    • Agencies - Support Types


  • Each list contains various labels and questions with pre-set answers specific to a property, tenant, and additional tenant
  • For each property or tenant list, you can choose which questions to display on the property or tenant screen by setting the relevant "active" toggle to yes
  • Going one step further, if this is a crucial question that requires an answer, you can mark it as a required question by setting the "required" toggle to yes
  • For our agency lists, you have the option to add custom values for each list (with no limit on the number of values to add)
  • Once you have finished marking questions as active and required for a list, ensure you click on the save changes button to save your selection before proceeding to the next list

Note: Questions and answers differ between Australia and New Zealand.

Note: When property and tenant labels are deactivated, the required field will be automatically disabled.


Once the questions and required fields have been configured, navigate to a property to access the edit page.

  • Go to Property > Current properties
  • Search for the property
  • Either

    • Click the Edit button on the right of the property or

    • Click the property's name to open their profile

  • You will see a tab called Dwelling Details


  • Click on the tab to display the dwelling details window. This will contain all the questions you have marked as active and required from the list defaults area
  • Required fields are marked with an asterisk next to the label name

Note: When attempting to save changes, a user will be prompted to fill in any required fields that are blank.


We have two shortcuts available for our tenants. The shortcuts are Housing Details and Person Details, and they are within the main head tenant screen.

  • Go to Tenancy > Current tenancies
  • Search for the tenant
  • Either
    • Click the Edit button on the right of the tenant or
    • Click the tenant's name to open their profile


  • Click on Housing Details and Person Details to display the various windows. These windows will contain all the questions you have marked as active and required from the list defaults area
  • The Person Details link is available in both the head tenant edit screen as well as the additional tenant screen

Manage agencies in Palace

The agency type and service type fields are in the agency's options tab. The Support Types are within the respective property or tenant options.

  • Go to Agency > Current agencies
  • Search for the agency
  • Either

    • Click the Edit button on the right of the agency or

    • Click the agency's name to open their profile

  • Select Options


What's next?

Learn how to agency profiles and people profiles to your Palace database.

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