How to use an inspection time on reports and letters


We would like to use an Inspection Time for our letters and our Reports. What is the best way to enter this into Palace



Palace does not actually have a Inspection Time field but we do have some suggestions for a work around that will work.

You can use the Property Grid Field in the Property area (If you use Grid already, then you can use a Custom Field in the Property)

Property Grid Field

Advantages: The field appears in the Control - Inspections area, it also appears in the Inspection Reports and is a mail merge field that can be used in the Inspection Letters.

Disadvantages: Once you use it for the time then you will not be able to use it for its intended purpose - to break your inspections into areas to make sorting inspections earlier. Cannot be edited from the Control Inspections area, only from the Property Edit screen.

Property Custom Field

Advantages: You can name the custom field for the intended purpose i.e Inspection Time.

Disadvantages: It does not show on the main edit screen of the property so it may be missed when entering a new property. It will not show on Inspection Reports. Cannot be edited from the Control Inspections area, only from the Property Edit screen.


Our suggested choice is the Property Grid Field

To enter the time in the Grid, find the property you require, right click and edit. Enter the time into the Grid field (First column)

To enter the Inspection time into your letter, go to the template and edit document. Put your cursor in the place in the letter that you want the time to show. Click on mailings (Top of letter) click on insert merge field and find the merge field for "Property Grid" (Or the Custom field depending on what you decided) Once it is in you can save and close the letter.  It is now ready for merge.

If you decide to use the custom field. You will need to set it up first.

Click on File - System Setup, enter the system password
Click on the button on the right hand side called 'Property Custom Fields" and enter "Inspection Time" on the next blank line and allocated "Text" to the type.

Save the screen and exit the System Setup area.

Now go to your Property, edit and click on the options tab. Type the Inspection time into the Inspection Time field and save. 

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