Why does the Holiday Statement for the month of December?


In December, Palace introduced opening balances on the holiday statement. Prior to that each holiday statement only looked at transactions for the particular month to determine the amount to pay and ignored all previous transactions.

For most months where there was sufficient income to cover the expenses, this was fine.
However, if a month occurred where the expenses exceeded the income, the result for that one month would be a negative balance. This negative total was not being carried forward into the next month, and as a result there was the possibility of overpaying the owner, since in most cases the negative amount was not being paid back by the owner.
The new statement now takes into account all previous transactions (income and expenses) to determine the amount of the opening balance. This ensures that the correct amount is paid to the owner each month.
If the opening balance is negative, then past expenses had not been taken into account in determining the amounts to pay to the owner. (alternatively an extra payment to the owner was made over and above what should have been paid). This could have occurred as described above - a month where expenses exceeded income, OR it could have occurred if expenses were entered using a date that had already been included in a holiday statement run. ( e.g. Holiday statement run for say the month of June, THEN expenses entered using a June date). These would not have been included in the July holiday statement, and up until now were never taken into account.
Tracing where the opening balance came from can be done by comparing all the original holiday statements in the property diary month by month with new ones created by the reports option on a right click of the  owner record.
If this covers several years, this can be laborious and time consuming, and it may be possible to locate the transactions making up the negative balance by doing one single holiday statement for the whole two years or more and looking through the entries.
If they still cannot be located, i can run the  owner transactions through a special routine i prepared using microsoft access which shows a running balance on the account after every transaction.
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