How to clear other amounts owing against a property that I want to archive


Tenants with with Other Amounts Owing can only be archived if the Other Amounts Owing total is adjusted back to zero.

If the Other Amounts Owing is positive, this usually means that the tenant has not paid a debt. Meaning an Invoice has been entered against them but they have not paid for it as yet. 
If you are not going to collect this debt, then do a Transaction - Charge Tenant Debit and enter the amount as a negative (i.e with a - in front of the amount) put a good reason and process the transaction. This will clear it and you can now archive.
This does not effect your reconciliation.


If the Other Amounts Owing in negative, this usually means that some money has been received from the tenant and receipted into Receipt Tenant Other but an Charge Tenant Debit transaction was not done.
This is easy to clear. Go to Transactions - Charge Tenant Debit and create an invoice for this amount and process. This will then clear the amount and you can now reconcile.
Note: This does not effect your reconciliation


Sometimes a tenant will also have a balance in a Bond Other Ledger. This means they have paid money to be held towards a debt. The Transaction called Refund Bond Other will remove this amount and this can be used to repay the tenant or it can be receipted into the Owner's account as Receipt Tenant Other. Again a Charge Tenant Debit transaction may also be required. 
A Refund Bond Other will make a transaction in the reconciliation area, so unless you are paying that amount out to the tenant, you will need to receipt the money into somewhere else so that it does not effect your reconciliation

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