How to find tenant transactions that are linked together?

In the Transactions - History screen, you can locate a transaction, and the "Details" tab at the top displays the names of the owners, property and tenant to which the transaction is linked.
However, sometimes names are not enough to clearly identify the correct tenant record.
Returning back to the "List" tab, highlight the transaction in question, then take your mouse to the column headings and to the right hand edge of the small field to the right of the Amount Column.
Now drag the cursor to the right, outside of the history window, allowing the horizontal scroll bar to expand at the bottom. Then scroll to the right using the horizontal scroll bar. This should reveal the tenant code (starting with RBTGxxxx)
This is the actual tenant record to which the transaction is linked.
Once you have the tenant code, exit the transactions area and click on the tenant list screen. Now expand the tenant columns to the right several times until the Tenant Code is revealed. (You can narrow down some columns to make space)
Click on the heading of the new column to sort and locate the tenant record in question.
(You might have to do the same in the Archived Tenant List if the number you are looking for is not in the current tenant list.)
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