How to Allocate already receipted funds to an Invoice (Money receipted direct to an Owner)

Some money is receipted directly into an Owner and not linked to an invoice at the time, You can now easily link those receipts to an Invoice.

  • On the Tenant List, find the tenant and right click
  • Go to "Assign Other Amounts"

  • Select the Invoice from the box on the lefthand side
  • Then from the top box on the right hand side (This is the money receipted direct to Owner) tick the money in the ledger.
  • It does not matter if there is too much money or not enough, Palace will work it out and show you what will happen.
  • Read the middle of the box
  • Click on "Commit Assignment"

  • When the Invoice is fully paid it will disappear from the screen and leave any balance (See screen below)

So in this example we could then assign the remainder $10 to the Remaining Invoice.





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