Important Notes and Set-up

Palace runs a key system that allows you to check keys in and out of Palace. Whether a Creditor or a Property Manager is taking the key, the key will be check out and a reminder system put in place so that you always know where the keys is at any given time. There is even an automatic SMS (Text) system that sends a text out to the person who has the key to remind them to bring it back.


Important Notes:

Work Orders will no longer show the Key number when you change to this system. This is make sure that each key is checked out of Palace. When you check the key out you will be given the number.

Also the Inspection Report that you print out to see what inspections are due will also not show the Key numbers because of the same reason above.

If you choose to use Advanced Key system, then change your mind, you can switch back BUT note that any keys you added will not be taken across and you will need to add them again.


Setting up the Key System Initially:

Only users with authority can access the set up area. Authority is given under the Agent Set up.

You will also need to be using the SMS system in Palace and must be on auto top up.

Auto Top Up: This is where Palace monitors your SMS usage and when you go down to the level you selected i.e 50 texts, Palace will auto top to the top level you selected i.e 250 (or more depending on the size of your company). Please contact support on to arrange this.


Setting Up the Key System:

  • Go to View
  • System Keys

  • Click on Advanced, enter the system password

  • Read the pop up properly as it tells you important information. E.g No duplicate Keys and it will use your SMS credits if it needs to send out reminders. Click OK

  • A list of all the keys in the system will show. It will show you how many keys are being held against each property. You can add more keys or assign the keys to a Category. (see below for an explanation on Categories.) Note: All keys will be auto assigned to the category – General.
  • Down the bottom of the screen you will see the SMS settings. These can be changed against each property as you check out a key. Showing here are just the default settings.
  • Initial Days: In 3 days after the key has been checked out, an SMS will be sent to the people you have set up. Then in 3 days after that another one will be sent.




The idea behind categories is to allow you to assign a certain bunch of keys to a certain group of people. For example: Say you have to sets of keys, one with every key for that property and another bunch with just the main house key. You may assign the house key to the Category – Creditors. Then you would assign the other bunch of keys to general.

That way when a Creditor needs the key, you would just check out the key under the Category – Creditors because you would then know he has only got the key he needs and not the whole bunch.

Normally you would only have one bunch of keys so you would just assign to General.

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