How to Generate Tenant AP's

This is an alternative way to do your receipting. In the tenant edit area, the tenant is setup with their next AP Date and how often they pay their rent i.e 7 (meaning a week). Each day you click on generate Tenant AP’s and a list comes up of all the tenant’s that have a date of or earlier than this date.

This list is matched to your printed bank statement. It is still popular because once you have finished it shows a list of tenants on the screen (you can also print) that have not paid their rent but should off. It saves you printing or checking your rent arrears list. If it is set up correctly it can be as quick as the Import Bank Statement, but if does involve the people setting up the tenant to do it correctly.

NOTE: Please be aware that although this will show you a list of tenants who have not paid their rent, it should not be used as an overdue rent report as it will not show rent in credit amounts or paid to dates. It is fine to use it in conjunction with other reports

To set up the tenants correctly see the Tenant Procedure

  • In the Tenant Edit Screen, click on the ... next to Payment Details
  • Make sure you have the correct rental amount and the correct days i.e $450 a week would show as 7 days.
  • Tick on Next AP due and enter in the date of the next payment that is due. This is where Palace will pick the information up so that it shows on the correct day.
  • Save


Creating the Direct Debit File to the Bank

  • Click on Transactions
  • Click on the >> next to Generate Tenant AP entries (Top right hand side of the screen)
  • All the AP's (Automatic payments) due today will appear on the screen (Plus an outstanding AP's that have not yet been receipted)
  • NOTE: If an AP is due on a certain day, but the tenant does not pay, then this one will stay on the screen until it is paid

  • Using your printed Bank Statement (or Transaction Report) tick of the tenants entries on the screen that match the entries on your print out.
  • If the transaction shows on the screen but the amounts do not match, you can highlight the transactions and then click on Edit (Bottom of screen) Make the changes you need to and click on save. A Pop Up Box will ask you if you want to save the information for future AP's. Answer Yes or Not depending on whether or not this a permanent change or not
  • When completed check the total on screen against the total or receipts on your bank statement. If they match click OK
  • This will then take you back to the Transaction Screen. Ready to process.
  • Click on Process


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