Standard Default Settings

There is always some information that is entered into every screen and is always the same. To save time you can set these up as default settings and they will auto fill the relevant fields. You can override them at any time but just over typing.

Setting up Field Defaults:

  • Click on Tools - Standard Defaults
  • Owner Defaults
  • Statement Media: Select the preferred way for you to send the owner statements at month end
  • Statement Type: There are about 6 statement types to choose from.
    Note: If you want to see the statement types, go to zendesk and type statement types into the search bar Statement Message: Any message entered in here will appear on the bottom of the all the statements.
  • Payment Type: Direct, Chq or Hold
  • Payment Frequency: Select from the list.
  • Printer Set up: This will be set up for you on installation
  • Receipt Type - NZ - normally REAA 2008 - Australia - A4 Blank
  • Property/Tenancy Defaults:
  • Commission (management Fee), plus maintenance fee
  • Inspection fee - You can type it here but each inspection is set up separately under Control Inspections
  • Rental period: Week, fortnight or Monthly. The Recommendation is for Weekly.
  • Letting Period: Normally 1 week plus GST (Note: You cannot put a set dollar amount)
  • Include "System Bank Details" on "Tenant Invoice": This put your company Trust Account number at the bottom of all Tenant Invoices
  • Include "Statement Details "on "Tenant Invoice": This puts the details of any other amounts owing on the Invoice
  • Include "Ledger balance" on "Tenant Invoice": If there is any money receipted to a Ledger i.e Water Rates, the total of this ledger for this tenant will show on the Invoice.
  • Global Messages
  • Owner statements: Any message entered here will show on each owner statement when the statements are generated.
  • Tenant Invoice: This Default message will show on all Tenant Invoices - Charge Tenant Debit.
  • Work Orders: This default message will show at the bottom of all work orders.
  • Click Save
  • Agents/Users
  • There is a whole separate procedure file for this area, but the agents (users/Property Managers) must be set up prior to entering Owners Properties and Tenants.


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