Creditor Reports

There are a few creditor reports, here we are going to look at the individual Creditors Transaction report and the Unpaid Invoices report

Creditor Transactions Report: This shows all the invoices and payments against each Creditor.

  • Go to the Creditors List and right click on the required Creditor
  • Go to Reports and click on Transaction Reports
  • Put in the date range that you require and click on Preview

  • Each transaction (Invoice) has an individual transaction number
  • When that invoice is paid, the transaction number of the payment is put in the paid by column next to every invoice that makes up the payment.

Unpaid Invoices Report: Shows all the invoices unpaid as of a certain date, it can be sorted by Owners or Creditors

  • Click on Creditor Reports - Left hand side menu
  • Click on Unpaid Invoices - You can sort by Owners or Creditors
  • Preview - This will give you a list of all invoices entered, how much the invoice is, what the owner balance is after the invoice has been paid and what priority they have
  • If you run this report after you have paid out your creditors, it will show you the invoices that could not be paid due to insufficient funds.


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