How to customize your month end

You must have access to the File - System setup area

You must not take anything out of month end (especially reports) without checking with your Auditors first

Instructions - Customizing Month End

  • Go to File - System setup
  • Enter in your password

  • Click on Company Month End Options.
  • Untick the options you don't want e.g Bond Payments
  • Then highlight it, and click on the Down arrow, to move it down the bottom, so that the numbers line up again.
  • Please note: There are some steps that you should NOT take out of month end.
  • Review Balances
  • Owner Statements
  • Owner Payouts
  • Final Trust Reports
  • Close Month
  • Audit Reports (Although this can be printed at any time)

We recommend that the step called Ledger Payments be placed before the step called Ledger Statements so that the current months payments are included in the statements.

NOTE: Most users prefer to print the Owners Statements before processing the payments to the owners. This means that the statement will show an account balance before the final payment - usually the amount being paid. Most users then process the owner payment transactions before closing the month. This means that the final owner payments never show on a statement. They are implied as having been paid.

Other "Accounting oriented" users prefer to print the statements, close the month and then pay the owners before entering any transactions for the new month. This approach has the statement showing the opening balance from a previous month and prints the payment transaction being made at the start of a new month in the next month's statement. However, note that the year-end statements assume payments for the month are done before monthend close so that they "belong" to the month to which they apply.

There is a reset button, which will reset the steps back to the default month end settings.

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