How to make a Rent Change in Retrospect - Where the tenant has already made the rent change and it was not put into Palace

If the rent change has already happened, then you cannot use the normal way to put the increase in, you have to let Palace know that the rent change has already happened.

  • Find the required tenant and double click (or you can right click and edit)
  • In either place, click on the Options Tab
  • Go to the Rent Changes box and click on Add (do not delete any rent changes that are already there)
  • Select the date that the rent change was meant to take effect from
  • Enter in the new amount
  • Click on Save.
    NOTE: Palace now needs to re-calculate the Paid To Dates and the current amount owing as well as any part payment. You need to do a Tenant Modify Rent Repost


Instructions - Repost:

This function corrects the rent paid to and from dates for a tenant record if there has been a change in rent amount or start date.

  • Right click on the required tenant, click on Modify - Rent Repost
  • Follow the pop up boxes through
  • Click yes to the first one and save to the second one. (Do not type anything in here unless told to by Palace support)
  • Then you will get a pop up saying Rent Repost Completed.
  • It pays to click on the tenant list again as this will refresh the tenant records.


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