How to understand the options available on a right click

There are extra functions available for each tenant and these are found by highlighting the relevant tenant and right clicking.


Duplicate (DO NOT USE)

Please refer to Change of Owner YouTube Video



This function is only used if the properties are owned by the same Owner. Otherwise DO NOT USE THIS FUNCTION. Use Change of Owner Wizard



The full diary is available here, this is the Tenant Diary but you can view the Property and Owner Diary from here as well. See the Diary help file for more details.



Send an email directly from Palace, if you click the top one (recommended), it will bring up the Palace email template and save it in the diary, it offers mostly the same functions as Outlook etc. If you choose to use the second email (default) this will take you to your default email program i.e Outlook, but please note this email will NOT save in the palace diary.


Navigate to Owner

This will take you directly to the Owner's record.



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