Property Reports

These reports relate directly to this one property. If you want reports for all the properties, then use the Property Reports selection on the main menu.

Property Brochure: A basic advertising flyer

Property Diary Entries: This will print out all diary entries in the Property Diary.

Property Expense: This will print a list of the expenses only for the property i.e Creditor Invoices, payment expense transactions.

Property Flyer: This is a great simple flyer, which many people use as a window card. You can choose your own features. See below

  • Right click on a property - Go down to reports and choose Property Flyer

  • Select your features from the drop down boxes
  • Select your image
  • Check the move in amount. If not correct click on the > and you can change the fields there.
  • Click Preview when ready

Property Rent changes: This will give you a list of all the rent changes that have been made against this property.

Property Transactions: A complete record of all transactions, receipts, payments and charges that can be viewed by date range.

Property Unpaid Invoices: This will give you a list of invoices against the property that have not been paid as yet.


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