Options Available On A Right Click Of A Property

There are extra functions available for each property and there are found by highlighting a particular property and right clicking.

Transfer: This feature allows you to use the Owner change of owner wizard. (Note Please use this from now on not the Duplication Feature) 

This Wizard allows you to duplicate all the information about this property, but not the property history. Ideal for when a property is sold to another owner that you will be managing for. When you click on duplicate you will be asked to pick a new Owner from the list. Once you have selected the Owner, the property will be saved with an * in front of the street name. Right click and edit the property, if you are just duplicating a number of flats then just change the address etc. If you are doing this re a property sold, then click here for the full instructions.

Please see YouTube video on how to use:

Palace Change of Owner Wizard Video

Duplicate: Do Not Use 

Add Tenancy: When you are adding a new tenant, this is the preferred way. By right clicking on the property and choosing Add Tenancy, you know that the tenant is connected to the correct property. A new tenant screen will come up ready for entering.

Work Orders: This is the maintenance area for creating work orders and processing invoices - Click here to be taken to the Maintenance Help File for more instructions

Diary: This will take you to the full property diary. Click here to be taken to the Diary Help File for more detailed instructions

Street Map: This is a direct link to Google Maps, handy to hand out to prospective tenants to show instructions on how to get to a property. If you do not taken directly to Google Maps, then you might be blocked by your browser, check with your IT department.


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