How to read the property list

The property list does a lot more than just show a list of properties.

Balance: The right hand column is the balance column. It shows the amount of money being held against the individual property. This list does not take into consideration any keep back amopunts.

Column Headings: Click on any of the column headings and you can change the sort order of your screen i.e double click on the balance column and it will sort into the highest amount showing at the top of the list.

Bottom of the Screen: The number of properties in this list are totaled for you plus the total of all the property balances.

Location Column (or fourth column in) This column allows you a few choices, if you left click on the column heading, you will get a list you can choose from:

  • Location
  • Primary Agent
  • Property Code
  • Property Name

Sort: This allows you to sort whatever selections you had chosen.


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