How to pay to one or more owners on the same property (entering an owner split payment )

Occasionally two or more owners will have ownership in one property and the monthly payment needs to be spit between them both.

You must enter the Owner in (one main Owner) (Remember to add the email addresses of all the Owners and tick include alternate address under statements)

  • Right click - go to Bank Accounts - enter in all the bank accounts that are needed.
  • Go to the Property List, right click and Edit
  • Under bank Accounts - Click on Split Account
  • Now click on ... (the square box next to the payee) 

  • Highlight the first one and type the split percentage e.g 50% meaning they get 50% of the total payout
  • Then click on the next one and do the same. They must add to 100%
  • When completed click on OK
  • When the property is paid out, the money will be split.
  • It will show on the Owners Statements.


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