How to read the owner list

The Owner list screen does more than just show the list of owners.

Balance: The right hand side column is the Owner balances column, it shows the total balance for each owner (for all their properties) If any money is being held or on keep back, it will show in this total.

Column Headings: Click on any of the column headings and you can change the sort order of your screen. i.e Click on the sort code heading and the list will sort from z down.

Bottom of the screen: The number of owners in the list are totalled for you, plus the total of all the owner balances from the balance column.

Phone number column: You can left click on the Column heading to choose from home phone number, work phone or mobile, you can also sort the column by clicking sort.

Smart View Filter setting: (On top tool bar) SmartView allows you to filter the list to show only the owners, properties and tenants with the settings you choose. Currently you can choose from the following

All: all tenants with show with their associated properties and owners

Management Current: Only tenants that do not have an end date in the past will show, together with their associated properties and owners.

Management Vacated: Any tenant with an end date, plus their related property and owner. This is a ideal view for deciding what needs to be archived.

Management Overdue: Any tenant that has an overdue rent amount, regardless of whether they are vacated or current.

Holidays (all): This will filter the view to show only those Owners, Properties and tenants that are marked holiday.

NOTE: Do not add an owner into Palace unless the SmartView is set to All - otherwise the newly added owner will not be visible, as it has no tenant.


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