How to Set up inspections in Palace

As mentioned above, a new managed property, once entered into Palace, will show in the Control - Property Inspections area. It will be marked as N/A waiting to be set up. The benefits of setting up a property for an inspection within Palace are:

You can run reports to see what inspections are coming up in a set time frame, you can sort this by agent and grid as well as date

Once you have updated an inspection, Palace will charge the Owner and roll over the inspection to the date of the next inspection. You have a historical record of all the inspections undertaken for a property whilst in your care.

  • Click in Control - Property Inspections

  • Filter by Agent if needed
  • Scroll to the bottom of the list (or click on the column header "Charge") to find any property marked N/A - This means it is not yet set up for an inspection.

  • Highlight the property and right click and select - "Edit Next Inspection"
  • Some of it has already been set up for you. Double check you have the right agent connected to this inspection (i.e if you have a specific person who does Inspections make sure you link this to them)
  • Enter the date that you are first going to inspect this property
  • Enter the frequency that you are going to inspect this property i.e 3 months - 13 weeks
  • Note: If you change your frequency to weeks instead of months, this will allow the inspection to always fall on the same day of the week i.e Monday.
  • Enter the charge rate, excluding GST. If you do not charge leave as zero

Note: Even if set as zero, this transaction will show on an Owners Statement, showing that an inspection has been undertaken but no charge has been put through.

Make sure the ledger says "Inspection Fees"

Click Save.

NOTE: An inspection cycle has now been set up for this property and it will show in any inspection reports under that date range, it will also show up in the "Reminders" tab on the date it is due, so that you can charge it through.


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