How to receipt holiday monies

Make sure you have recorded in the "Notes" section of the Tenant Edit Screen the breakdown of the costs for this holiday booking as you will need to see them when you receipt.

NOTE: If you use Tenant Receipt Multiple, you will not be able to see the tenant notes so print out a Holiday Deposits Due report so that you have the break down. If you use Tenant Receipt Rent and Tenant Receipt Bond Other, the tenant notes are available in the Details tab.

For this example, we will use Receipt Tenant Multiple.

Example: Wesley Price has booked a holiday from the 11th Jan to the 18th Jan = Total of 8 nights $1080.00, $30 Linen Charge, $16 Cot hire with linen and the security deposit of $500.00 (This does not come from the total and is refundable)

  • Click on Transactions - Click on Receipt - Tenant Multiple
  • Check the date to make sure it is today's date or the date that the money was receipted.
  • Enter in the tenant name and tab down

  • This will auto fill the screen with the information.
  • In the rent area, enter in the amount that they are paying. It could be the whole amount or just a payment towards it. In this case Wesley is paying for the whole booking.
  • Drop down the arrow in the next field and select "Bond Other" now drop down the arrow on the box adjacent and select e.g Holiday deposit $500.00
  • Drop down the arrow in the next field and select "Bond Other" again and keep selecting until you have entered in all the sundries that you are receipting for.
  • Once entered, check the total (shows on the top right hand side of the screen)
  • Check payment details and then click OK
  • This will then take you to the transaction screen, where every transaction will show separately
  • Click process when ready
  • You will be given the option of printing a receipt.
  • The rent has gone directly against the property, the sundries and any security or holiday deposit are now held on behalf of the tenant in a bond ledger. You can see the status of a tenant in the Tenant Details Report, this will show all rent entries plus any Bond Other entries.

Reminder: Any money entered into a Bond Other Ledger, must be refunded out, then receipted into the correct area. You cannot use Payment Ledger to do a payment out as this will not show on the Tenant reports.


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