How to enter owners, properties and tenants (Holiday)

Every Owner and their properties need to be entered into Palace before any bookings (tenants) can be entered against them.


Entering an Owner: (see the Owner Help file for full instructions) but below are some important fields for the Owner.

Payment Type: This MUST to be set to HOLD, so that you can pay the Owner out whenever you want, they will not be included in your month end payout.

The Control - Holiday panel will let you generate statements and payments even if the Owner is set to HOLD

Statements: Select "Holiday 1 (portrait) from the drop down box. - Holiday statements work on booking dates and can be produced whenever you want.


Entering a Property: (see the Property Help file for full instructions) but here are the important Holiday fields

Management Type: Set to Holiday (An H will show besides the property on the Property List)

Custom Fields: You can set custom fields up to allow for extra holiday features

Property Name: Quite often the property has a name, enter it here.

Management Fee: Check the fee and change if required as normally holiday's apply a higher fee.


Entering a Tenant: (see the Tenant Help File for full instructions) but here are the important Holiday fields

Date Started: Enter in the start date of the holiday

Date Ended: Enter in the end date of the holiday (This MUST be entered in at the start)

Rent Period: Change to daily if you set a day or night rate

Payment Type: Make sure you select the correct one, i.e if you select Cheque, then by clicking on the ... under payment details, it will allow you to enter in the Cheque details

Custom Fields: Fill in the fields that you require i.e Cot Hire, Linen Hire - This information is then available in merge fields so can be used for confirmation emails Note: See System Setup - Tenant Custom Fields to set up custom fields

Bank Accounts: Enter the bank account details for the tenant here, this will make doing a tenant refund easier.

Postal Address: Under the options tab, you can put in the Holiday tenants contact address, otherwise it will default to the property address when sending mail.

Notes Tab: Enter in the $ breakdown of the booking here, this information will then be pulled through to show on the receipt tab plus the Unpaid Deposit Report e.g Breakdown of booking $2,000 total rent, $50 for linen, $200 deposit etc.

Once you save a tenant, a unique code is generated against that tenant. This can be used as your booking reference code, it can be used to search a tenant and also used in receipting.


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