How to create your own reports using a custom merge - exporting merge fields

We have tried to cater for a lot of our client's needs in regards to the information that we report on, but occasionally people want some information that for which we do not have a report. We have developed a way that you can customize your own reports. These reports work off our mail merge fields. If there is a merge field for the information that you require, you can export it.

  • Owner Merge Fields
  • Property Merge Fields.
  • Tenant Merge Fields
  • Agent Merge Fields
  • Creditor Merge Fields


Instructions - Creating the report - This example is based on Owner Merge Fields:

  • Go to Tools, click on Document Mail merge


  • Check Owners and / or Apply Filter
  • Top of screen on right, click on Merge File
  • Top of screen - click on fields (top right)

  • Select the fields of the information you require i.e Owner Full name
  • When you have selected all the fields that you require, click on >>
  • Click on OK
  • A browse screen will appear.
  • Click on Desktop (left hand side) or wherever you want to save it and click Save
  • Now go to your Desktop and right click the file. Select "Open with....", then select Excel. If Excel is not in the list, click on more programs and find it there.
  • It will now open in an Excel sheet and you can sort as normal.


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