How to set up a checklist and how they work

It is important that the checklists are set up correctly from the beginning. The things to think about are:

Where should the checklist be linked to i.e Owner, Property, Tenant

Does the checklist refer to internal processes or processes that include Owners Properties and Tenants. If Internal, do you need this checklist in Palace?


Instructions - Setting up and linking checklists:

  • Go to tools - Document Templates
  • Click on Add and type in the name of the checklist, select the Type you require i.e Tenant, Property or Owner (You can pick one i.e Tenant and still link to letters in the Property diary)

  • Select the "Reminder Box" then click save (This is so the checklist will go to the reminder area, once it has been started but not completed)
  • Then click Edit Document, this will take you to the empty document.
  • Follow the instructions on Page 3 for entering a new template, once the checklist is entered carry on as below.
  • Put the cursor in the place that you want to put the link

  • Click on Insert (Top of Page) and click on "Insert Template Link"

  • The template screen will pop up, select the Template (letter) you want.

  • Click on OK, this will then place the link to this template into the checklist
  • Continue through the document until the links are complete
  • Click save and then close the document. We suggest you test the link straight away to make sure it works
  • To Test: Go to a tenant diary (or Property Or Owner)
  • Click on correspondence and select the checklist from the drop down list
  • Double click on one of the links, this will take you directly through to the letter and the letter will automatically fill in the merge fields
  • Save and close out of the letter, you will be taken back to the checklist
  • You will see the word DONE beside the template link
  • Check all the rest of the links
  • When finished save and close the checklist. You will see in the diary, all the letters show plus the checklist (you can right click and delete them out since this was a test)
  • If all the tasks in the checklist were not completed, then the checklist would show in the Reminder Screen until it is completed.


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