How to attach an external file

You can store any files etc in Palace. For example you can scan documents to your computer and then link them through this function. This keeps everything in the one place. Here are some examples of the documents you can scan and attach.

  • Signed Tenancy Agreements
  • Tenant photos, passports and driving licences
  • Inspection reports
  • Inspection video files
  • Management Authorities
  • Creditor Invoices
  • Tenancy Application
  • Bond forms

If you save a document into the Tenant, Creditor or Owner diary, they are for your records only

If you save a document into the Property diary, you can then link it to go out with Owner Statements and can also select it to upload to the Owner Information Centre


Attaching an External File (document):

Make sure you have scanned the document (if relevant) and saved into your computer

  • Go to the required person or property list and right click and click on Diary
  • Click on External File (down the left hand side menu of the diary)


  • In the notes section, type in the name of the document that you wish to attach
  • If you want this document to go out automatically with the Owner's end of month statement i.e Creditor Invoices or Inspection Report (you must be in a property diary for this) then click on the drop down arrow next to groups and select "Statements" (see notes below)
  • Click on the paperclip underneath external file. This will take you to the browse screen - Find the scanned document and click OK
  • The "Processed button" will stay unticked until the document has been attached to (or printed with) the owners statement (if relevant)
  • Click on save when finished.

NOTE: If you want to view a document that you have attached:

Go to the relevant diary. Find the diary entry, right click and click on Edit. Then go down and click on the "Eye" icon underneath external file and the document will open for you to view.


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