How to send correspondence (letters) through the diary

Correspondence in the diary area is used for the single letters and documents (not bulk mail merge)

When setting up new templates you can select what type of document e.g Tenant, Property or Owner. These can then be accessed in the relevant diaries.


Preparing a letter through Correspondence:

  • Go to the list of required person i.e Owner, Property or Tenant
  • Find the required person or property
  • Right Click and go to Diary
  • Click on Correspondence (down left hand side)
  • Group: If you are doing a rent arrears then select a group. Otherwise it is not necessary

  • Click on the down arrow underneath Correspondence and select the required document.
  • Click on the pen icon.
  • This will take you through to a word processing area and merge the document.
  • Check the document, make any changes and then Print (or click on the email button, this will change the document to a PDF attachment.)
  • When you close the letter you will be asked "Do you want to save this letter" Click Yes
  • You will be returned to the diary screen, now click "Save"
  • Your letter is now saved into the diary and you can access and re-print at any time.

NOTE: For instructions on how to set up templates or do bulk mail merges see the Mail Merge Help File.



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