How to set up a charge/invoice (repetitive) - property and tenant

This function is used to set up various charges against the property/Owner.

I.e Inspections (see the Inspection Procedure Manual)

Fixed Management Fees

Fixed Administration Fee etc

These fees can be set to repeat each month (or any frequency that you choose) Once set up they can be set as repetitive so that they are available for charging each month etc.


Setting up a Repetitive Charge:

  • Go to Property List
  • Find required Property
  • Right Click and Click on Diary
  • Click on Charge (menu down Left hand side)

  • Write a description in the comments.
  • Click on Group and select relevant group if necessary (see section on Diary Groups)
  • Select start date (The date you want the first charge to start)
  • Enter in the repetitive period e.g repeat every month.
  • Put in amount that you are charging (exclusive of GST)
  • Ledger Account Select which ledger you want the money to go to.
  • Include Print If you want this to print out on a diary ledger, select Print
  • Click on Save

NOTE: This has now set up a record in the Diary.

The day that the charge is due e.g Inspection or fixed term fee it will show up in your front screen as a reminder. You then process it. See also setting up inspections in the Inspection Procedure


Processing the Charge:

Processing means starting and completing the Task, i.e for Charges, it means putting a charge against the Owner and moving the money over to the correct ledger etc. It will then set up a reminder for the next charge (if relevant)

  • Click on the "Home" button (on the left hand side menu)
  • Click on the Charges Tab

  • Select the entries that you want to process
  • If there are any entries that are under insufficient funds. this means that the Owner does have the money available to cover this charge. You can either manually select them, which will mean the owner will be put in negative (This will not affect the Trust Account unless you pay out the ledger) or you can leave them unticked and they will go back into the reminder screen until you can process them.
  • Click on the blue arrow
  • This will take you to the transaction screen
  • Click on Process

NOTE: This has now completed the charge. The transaction moves the money out of the Owner/Property and into the relevant fee ledger.


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