How to archive and re-instating casual owners and properties

In order to keep your system tidy and only showing current Owners and Properties, you need to archive your casuals once you have finished with the tenant. You cannot archive in a current month with transactions, you will need to make a note to archive in the new month. Then once the Casual Owner comes back for you to find them another tenant, you can re-instate them.



  • You must start with the tenant first, make sure the tenant has a vacate date entered
  • Right click on the tenant and click archive - say yes to pop up "do you want to archive"
  • Go to the Property, click on Edit - Make the property "Inactive" remember to give it a reason

  • Save and right click on the property and click on Archive (There must not be any transactions in the current month or you will not be allowed to archive)
  • Go to the Owner, right click and click on Archive.


Re - Instating Casual Owners and Properties:

  • Click on View (Top tool bar)
  • Go to Properties (Archived), find the property that you want
  • Right click and click on re-instate - It will pop up telling you that the Owner will automatically be reinstated - say yes
  • In the main Property List - find the property and right click. Change the property to Active - put in the reason
  • Now you can update advertising details etc.


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