How to set up batches for payments and receipts

There are two settings in Palace to manage bulk payments and receipts i.e Generated Owner Payments or Import Bank Statement Receipts. You can have them showing on the unpresented screen one by one. Which is a lot of transactions if you have a large rent roll or you can put them together in a 'Batch".

A 'Batch' puts all the transactions into one line and gives one total. If the total does not agree with the total on your bank statement, then you can right click on the batch and look at all the payments that make up that batch and present or unpresent as you see fit.

  • Go to the Reconciliation screen as normal.

  • At the top of the screen you will see a drop down box with 3 options to choose from Select "Batch - All unpresented  Items - High Volume"
  • This will now "Batch" together any payment or receipts that were done in a batch.
  • Note: It will separate Generated Payments by Cheque and Direct Credit. Cash banking will also be batched.
  • Carry on with your reconciliation as normal. (Instructions below)
  • If your batch amount does not match the total on your bank statement, right click on the batch and choose "Batch Details" This will show all the transactions in the batch.

  • You need a print out of your bank transactions from your bank for the day along with the closing bank balance. The idea of a reconciliation is to match your bank statement with Palace to make sure they agree.


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