How to get available properties reports, flyers and brochures

There are 3 types of report that can be used as counter (reception desk) reports, they all show available properties but in different formats. Click on "Property Reports" on the left hand side menu

Available Properties Detailed: This report gives you an option to have more than one image (although it does take up a lot of space) or you can have it as a plain report with no photos.

Available Properties Summary: This report gives you one small photo and a choice of other features, it is nice and compact and makes the best report to use for a counter report.

  • Click on Property Available Summary
  • Decide on what order you want the report to show by, rent, date or suburb
  • Click on the dates, Usually you would leave it one month in advance to show the properties that are going to come up. Then select the features you require
  • Click Preview and Print if happy.

Available Properties Grid: Shows all available properties in a table form, with no photos. Ideal report for taking to oce meetings.

Note: If a property shows on the report that is not actually available, you need to go to the properties edit screen and untick the available date option. Do the opposite if a property does not show on the report that should show. (Also check that the current tenant does have a vacate date)

If the rental price is showing incorrectly, change it on the property publish tab in the edit screen. This will only aect the property advertising, it does not change the current rent against the tenant.

Note: The Property Rent Changes Report allows you to review all the rent changes on all the properties you managed and is a valuable tool. 


Property Flyer and Brochure:

Palace has two flyers available for use. They are individual flyers and are found against each property on a right click - reports.

Property Brochure: The brochure will allow you to select more than one photo and uses the text entered into the brochure text field on the property.

Property Flyer: The flyer uses one photo of the property (which you can choose) features (that you can select) and also shows the total move- in amount for the property. This flyer uses the Advert text field found on the property screen.

  • Right click on the Property
  • Go to Reports and choose Property Flyer
  • Select the features you require by using the drop down arrows
  • The move in amount will automatically show on the report - The information is taken from the default settings for the rent amount
  • If the amount is not correct, click on the > besides the move-in amount, this will bring up a pop up box, that will allow you to change the settings, then click OK.
  • Once complete: Click Preview to view the flyer.

This flyer is quite often used for window cards but you can also produce your own window cards.


To Produce A Window Card:

There are some window cards set up in the template area as samples that you can edit (if you do not have them, email and ask for them to be sent to you).

You must have images added under the Image tab against the property before you produce the window card.

  • Find the property and right click and click on Diary
  • Click on Correspondence - Click on the drop down arrow and select the template you require i.e Window Card
  • Click on the > button
  • The window card will appear on your screen and you can make changes as you see fit
  • You may have to move the photos around a bit
  • Print when you are ready and close out and save.
  • If you want to set up your own template see the mail merge help file for instructions.


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