Cannot Open Palace - Wants to go to Control Panel re Databases (Restart Sever)


Normally this is a issue caused by an sql server not restarting. Follow the instructions below. 


Instructions for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10

To do this, Right click on the Start button - Select services

A screen like below will pop up

  • scroll through and look for SQL Server (SQLEXPRESS)
  • Select and on the right hand side you have Restart or Start select either that's there in this screen
  • This should now restart the sever
  • Now close this screen down and try re Load Palace again



If it is Windows XP - Go to Control Panel - Administrative tools and click on services - find the SQL express and you will probably see an empty space where the "started" should be. Right click and click on Start.


Then save and go back into Palace this should solve the problem.

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