Why would I perform a 'Rent Repost


There a couple of circumstances;

The Amount Owing up to the End date on a Tenancy Details report should be compared with the Amount Owing on the Summary of Rent report, if these are different, then once the rent rate changes have been checked, a repost should be done. This should align the amount owing to the end date on the two reports.

Why would the reports be different?  Someone may have added a change of rent that applied to past transactions, but did not run a report at the time. OR Someone altered a start date of a tenant, but did not repost at the time.

You can also compare the two reports during the tenancy, but you must be careful to compare the amount owing to today on both reports. 

NOTE: That re-posting may alter Paid To Dates, owners may query why a paid to date from one statement does not follow on to the next statement. It may be a good practice to advise owners why a repost was necessary.

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